Pajtakert programiroda



folklore programmes

Our office, located in the barnyard at the entrance of the Old Village, has been organizing folklore and handcrafts workshops for more than 10 years. During our programmes we take our guest for a time-travel: we revive the songs and games of the peasant girls who used to gather in the house of the spinning, you can taste pies freshly baked in the oven, and you can dress up as a 'Hollókő bride'. On request visits to the locals can be organized where you can get acquainted with the country lifestyle and the delicious courses of their festive lunch. Personalized programmes can also be organized upon request.

'Palóc' welcome reception /3 women and the tour guide/: Women of Hollókő dressed in their regional costumes welcome the visitors with home-made brandy (pálinka) and cottage cheese cake or scones (pogácsa) which is followed by a weaving presentation and corn popping on open fire. Ladies, who fancy an even closer experience, may even be dressed up in traditional “newlywed costume”. The closing folk dance together with the guests is one of the highlights of the welcoming reception. Having warmed up this way for submerging into the village life the programme continues with a leisurely stroll along the cobble-stone streets accompanied by an expert tourist guide.

House of the spinning / 6 women and the tour guide /:
Members of the Hollókő Women´s Choir dressed in their regional costumes welcome the visitors with brandy (pálinka) and cottage cheese pie or scones (pogácsa) at the barnyard at the entrance of the Old Village. While enjoying the home-made culinary delights, you´ll witness an unforgettable performance as the women revive the atmosphere of the age-old housesof weaving. The fast-spinning spools accompanied by the women´s singing, the entertaining jests and merriments and the sounds of popping corns are simply unforgettable. The women will also show their beautiful traditional garments, (you may try and dress up here too) then the spinning house closes with a folk dance in which the visitors are also welcome to take part. This is followed by a walk in the Old Village with stopovers at the Church, at the Village Museum and at the Weaving House. Along the way the tour guide gets you acquainted with the history and ethnography of Hollóko, explains the facts and legend of the Castle and depicts the present lives of the villagers. 

Presentation of the local folk costume: 
Visitors are welcomed by a woman in traditional outfit who presents the wide multi-layered skirts worn at feasts, talks about how certain clothing pieces are made and about dressing traditions for different occasions. She may also dress up a daring lady in a newlywed dress with the traditional big ornate headpiece.

Dance house:
The quality chamber dance performance of the county´s professional folk dancers in which visitors can have a glimpse at various regional folk music and folk dance of the historical Hungary. Followed by dance teaching, and a public dance house with the guests.  


Tour of the village:
An expert tourist guide describes the traditions, life, the past and the present of this one-of-a-kind pearl of the Cultural and Natural Heritages of the World. The tour includes the Church and the previously chosen museums and exhibition

All of our programmes are made to meet individual demands.

handcraft activities

We have decades of experience in preserving, demonstrating and teaching old handcrafts traditions. The handcrafts lessons are mainly recommended for groups and individual guests wishing to spend more days in Hollóko.

Thread weaving
Card weaving
Learning to weave on a free-standing frame
Crafting corn husk puppets
Decorating honey cakes
Egg painting

Number of persons recommended per group: 10-12, except for decorating honey cakes where there can be 20-25 participants. Of the craft works listed above, if the group is on a one-day trip due to the shortage of time we only recommend decorating honey cake and/or “körmöcskézés”. 

Workshops can only be organized by arrangement!