Pajtakert programiroda



weaving house


Preserving traditions involves keeping alive and reviving old folk crafts. Here you can see a permanent exhibition of the history of weaving. The house also has a crafts room where visitors can learn about the evolution of hand weaving, the practice of and tools for processing flax as well as about the different kinds of weaving.

Guests are entertained by women telling tales of joys and merriments of the weaving houses and demonstrating the operation of different hand looms. 
Textiles made on the loom can be bought at a separate folk art shop next the Weaving House. Besides local and regional handmade works of art there is a wide selection of embroideries, woven products and crocheting from different Hungarian language territories. Old and new pieces of folk costumes can also be purchased. Those who wish to spend more time in this beautiful settlement of our World Heritage can take their opportunity to acquire the rudiments of hand weaving in our workshops organized both for adults and children.